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What Can They Do? An Action Inventory Checklist for Your Web Presence

When a client asks me to design/develop a Web site or blog, my first question is:

What are the ten actions you want your users to be able to do when they visit your site?

If you are not sure what you want them to do, then they are probably not doing anything, and leaving your site. Perhaps it is time to conduct an action inventory to determine the kinds of services you already offer your clients and prospects on your Web site or blog, and what you might be missing. What can they accomplish when visiting you online right now?

Print out this "What Can They Do?" checklist. Use your pencil or pen to shade in the box in the Yes column for each action your prospects/clients can already achieve when visiting your Web site or blog. When you're done, look at all the empty boxes in the Yes column. These represent additional services your current customers and prospects may be looking for on your Web site or blog.


       Mary Gillen: Web Presence Inventory Checklist

PLEASE NOTE: Not all options listed on this inventory checklist are appropriate for all organizations. To be honest with you, we would all probably be hard-pressed to make every action available. This list is designed to give you new ideas and help you figure out what might be missing. Once you've completed the checklist, you can review the possibilities you may not have considered or knew existed. You can then use this information to plan and improve your existing online marketing activities.

Action Inventory Checklist

What can your prospects and customers accomplish when visiting your existing Web site or blog?Yes
1.Allow visually-impaired folks to access your content with a screen reader like JAWS? 
2.Be entertained and informed 
3.Buy your products securely online 
4.Buy your services securely online 
5.Buy affiliate products securely online 
6.Buy advertising space on your site 
7.Buy your service packaged as a product 
8.Click on the banner logo and always be taken to the Home Page 
9.Comment on your blog postings 
10.Copy code to embed a widget of your content on another site 
11.Complete a survey 
12.Contact you through live chat 
13.Contact you through Skype 
14.Contribute to a wiki 
15.Discover your organization's history 
16.Donate money 
17.Download a product demo 
18.Download audio or video podcasts 
19.Find a Contact Us form 
20.Find an email link for your Webmaster to report site problems 
21.Find a phone number for your customer service department 
22.Find contact information for management 
23.Find date stamps on your articles 
24.Find FAQ sections for product support, how-to-do-business with your company 
25.Find links to your Squidoo Lens 
26.Find out if you are hiring 
27.Find out about your professional affiliations 
28.Find the content they need within three clicks from the Home Page 
29.Find unique landing pages with tailored "call to action" instructions for each pay-per-click or sales purchase link from your email newsletter 
30.Find a link to your LinkedIn profile 
31.Find your 800 number easily 
32.Find your copyright notice 
33.Find your fax number 
34.Find your latest news releases 
35.Find your physical location address 
36.Find your re-print permission policy 
37.Follow you on Twitter and FriendFeed 
38.Get directions to your office 
39.Have visitors wait a reasonable amount of time for a page to load 
40.Learn about your organization 
41.Locate an events schedule 
42.Log in securely to a members-only section 
43.Make you a friend on Facebook 
44.Participate in your online community 
45.Post information to a member forum 
46.Purchase and download e-books from your site 
47.Purchase and download your organization's ebooks or blog content subscriptions for the Amazon Kindle 
48.Read content in different languages to support international prospects 
49.Read customer reviews/testimonials 
50.Read fresh content, at least 4 times a week 
51.Read interviews/case studies of your other clients 
52.Read published research on a subject 
53.Read your About page 
54.Read your blog 
55.Read your latest articles 
56.Receive email confirmation when they submit a contact form 
57.Refer a customer via an online form 
58.Register for a member account 
59.Register for an online course or webinar 
60.Request your catalog on CD-ROM 
61.Review your privacy policy 
62.Search content 
63.Search your staff directory 
64.See your portfolio 
65.Send you an email 
66.Share photos 
67.Sign up for sponsorship 
68.Sign up to receive your organization's news alerts 
69.Sign up for your email newsletter 
70.Submit a resume 
71.Subscribe to your syndicated RSS feed 
72.Tell you what they like and don't like about your product/services 
73.Tweet your site content to Twitter 
74.View the number of subscribers you have on both your house email list & RSS feed list 
75.Vote for one of your articles on Stumble, Digg, delicious and other bookmarking services 
76.Watch Powerpoint Presentations via Slideshare from your Web site 
77.Watch product demonstration videos 
78.Update their own membership information