Learn One Thing (currently under re-design)

Being educated is one thing. There are a lot of educated people all over the world. But being a life-long learner is what keeps you young in the head and profitable in business.

The key is to improve your knowledge every day so you can continue to contribute something of quality to someone somewhere in the world.

Learn One Thing is Mary Gillen's blog that hosts how-to tips, ideas and tutorials on copywriting, marketing, web tech, programming, SEO, mobile technology and more. It’s designed to teach you new things every business day on a number of topics. Knowing more can help you remain employable, marketable and, perhaps, a bit more interesting.

Where did Mary get the idea for Learn One Thing?

"A fellow in one of my classes gave me the idea for Learn One Thing. During student introductions, this lad commented, 'I am taking this class because I just wanna learn this one thing,' he said, holding up his index finger. Relieved it wasn't the middle digit he was displaying, the ah-ha lightbulb went off in my head. Of course! Who has time to learn a whole buncha things at once? No one. And, if we humans are confronted with too many options, we are overwhelmed and do nothing. We get into a rut. Yet our brains are working dogs. They need lots of exercise."

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