How We Can Work Together


I believe in keeping things simple.

Here is what you need to know about working with me:

1) I am online most of every business day. I am always available to you via email or text.

2) To be honest with you, I prefer to correspond via email. I am not a big fan of talking on the phone. I think it wastes a lot of time. Communicating by email also helps with project management.

3) Don't be surprised if we never meet in person. I have many clients I have never met.

4) I failed clairvoyance in college. You have to be able to tell me what you want.

5) I need you to be brave. You have to be able to tell me when you don't like something.

6) We both need to agree on the project's scope. This means we both understand what tasks need to be completed as part of the project.

7) Nobody likes surprises. If you add more tasks to the original project scope, you will receive an additional work order that you will need to sign. This also means these additional tasks will cost you more money.

8) We both need to be organized. You need to provide me the information required for the project, and I need to be efficient with the hours you are buying from me.

9) I charge $100 an hour for everything I do.

10) I provide estimates in the form of work orders. We both need to sign these in order to get started on a project.

11) At the project's start, I require a 50% deposit of the project fee. Once the project is done, the other 50% of the project fee is due.

12) You can pay me by check or securely online with debit or credit cards.

Give me a call at 508-768-8418 or email me at mary@marygillen.com to discuss how we can work together.