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"You have really hit the nail on the head with this one. Who else could have articulated at the level of detail and the suggestions to use the social networking the way you have? I have to admit, I thought I knew a lot about the social networking side of recruiting partners and sales folks, but you have humbled me.

After reading your book, I have to go back and rethink my strategies. The good news is "I NOW HAVE YOUR BOOK TO GUIDE ME THROUGH THE PROCESS!" I suspect you have saved me an incalculable amount of time, money and frustration with the way you have laid out the plan and the details that I can now follow."

- Regis J. (Bud) Bates
TC International Consulting, Inc.

"With so much happening in the ever-changing world of social media, its hard to know what's good and what's not. Mary Gillen brings the credibility and knowledge of a true Web specialist and shares 110% of her skills. "Social Media for Sales" is a valuable investment you do not want to miss!"

- Lauren Bavosi

"The desire for life-long learning is now more important than ever in a global marketplace. The ability to teach yourself new skills is a trait that will keep you sharp, but sometimes you need a great instructor to help you on your path. It's often said nowadays that applications and services are in 'constant beta' -- continually being updated and refined. This also applies to people. When I need to 'keep the saw sharp' I turn to Mary Gillen. Whether it's XML, web services, social media applications or any other emergent technology, Mary already knows about it and is ready to teach it. Her extensive knowledge and affable style makes life-long learning fun."

- Chris Rasmussen
Social Software Knowledge Manager and Trainer
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency


Bob Brown is a senior business executive with over 30 years of proven sales success in the fast-paced Internet security product and service arena, managing and developing both direct and global sales channels.

Mary Gillen is a writer, web developer, marketer and technical trainer who has owned her own business since 1981. She has over 29 years experience in freelance commercial/technical copywriting, graphics design, online marketing, Web development and technical instruction development and presentation.


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Attention Senior Sales Managers:
Are You Using Social Media to Build Your Sales Team & Find 3rd Party Partners?

Let's face it - for most of us, understanding social media and all its tools can be downright confusing.

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Blogs.

How do you use these social media applications efficiently for business? The task seems daunting, and the effort to use social media for sales gets "put off", or not done at all.

Reality: it is something you cannot afford to ignore

According to a recent study, 77% of all B2B technology decision-makers are using social media to research products and services, recruit new team members, make connections to vendors interested in teaming, develop new sales channels, and so much more.

Sales professionals are using social media to identify and nurturing leads, monitor competition, and discover customer complaints that act as catalyst to the creation of new products and services.

Are you in the game?

To shorten the social media learning curve, sales pro Bob Brown and Web tech Mary Gillen have teamed to bring you "Social Media for Sales Teams," an e-book full of tips and tricks to help you start using social media tools to build your team and find 3rd party partners.

What's Inside the Book?

In "Social Media for Sales Teams," you'll discover how to:

  • Revise your sales plan via a "sales inventory" of 19 questions
  • Discover how sales reps are using the major search engines to find you
  • Create a presence on Facebook that recruits the best people for your sales team
  • Use Twitter to find sales reps in your local area so you can start the conversation
  • Make better use of LinkedIn for finding 3rd party partners
  • ...and more!

Social Media for Sales Teams features 177 pages of industry tips and step-by-step, how-to tutorials - everything you need to start re-building your sales team to fit the Sales 2.0 methodology.

Do-It-Yourself Education: Only $27

Buy "Social Media for Sales Teams" now, and download the book immediately after purchase. You can start using what you've learned right away to transform your sales team and partner programs.

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Here’s hoping the knowledge, experience and how-to information contained in this e-book can help make your transition into social media much easier and profitable.

To your online success,

Bob Brown and Mary Gillen

P.S. Get smart, useful insights about important social media tools now. Revitalize your team and partners into a profit-pulling machine in no time.

Order the "Social Media for Sales Teams" today!

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